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Devya's new digital 45 is released today on digital music platforms AWAY. Recorded at Ramkard and published by White Dolphin Records, "AWAY" is a groove to dance to. A carefree moment to charge or unload with new energy in an atmosphere of intense movement. The vocal background is arrogant with a dark background that winds on a line of synthetic, acidic and metallic plasticity. Digital 45 describes "distance" in the text. 

The distance and the prolonged absence damage any friendship, however grudgingly it is admitted. The men or women we no longer see, even if they were our closest friends or relatives. Over the years, they dry up little by little until they become concepts. In our thoughts. 

Bio: Devya is the musical project of Devis Simonetti. From 1996 to 2002 his stay in England with Lorenzo Bertoli, thanks to the producer Roberto Concina, allowed him to devote himself to self-production and electronic music. 

He founded Devya with Francesca Mombelli in 2010. The debut album, "I Don't Know What Is Christmas" (released for the Media Company Audio Ferox / Paige 2013) is clear proof of how much the new wave, the brit –pop, shoegaze, industrial and synthetic pop, have been listened to, absorbed and reworked. In 2014 they...  more
released April 9, 2020 

DEVYA for this work are: 

Yaari Francesca Mombelli: Voice 

Devis Simonetti: Rebirth 338 2.0, D-50 L.A. synthesizer 

Record at: Ramkard 

Pic: Antonino Lardo 

Art Work: Digitroniks Corporation 

Label: White Dolphin Records

GENERE: Elettronica


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