Collection (2013 - 2018)

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DEVYA is the project and the band of Devis Simonetti. From 1996 to 2002 his start in England with Lorenzo Bertoli together with producer Roberto Concina, allowed him to dedicate himself to self-production and electronic music. He founded the "Devya" with Francesca Mombelli in 2010. The debut album, "I Don't Know What Is Christmas" (released for the record company Audio Ferox / Paige 2013) is the clear proof of how much new-wave , the brit-pop, the shoegaze, the industrial and the synthetic pop, have been heard, absorbed and reworked. In 2014 they released the single and the video "Going To Town", participating in 2015 in a radio tour and several compilations. In 2017, he signed the Dark Ace Record Kompany, releasing the new digital 45 of the project entitled "Witch - Hunt", which anticipates "Black Waves And Floating Foams", the new E.P. for the same label.The singles Collection 2013-2018 with the track "Bodies" is the last work  from the band with the video director Paolo Parisotto(rete4,BBC).the new album will be released by ASAP in the 2020

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